TULUFAN - karez, jiaohe ruins

Karez - tunnels digged from mountains kilometers away from the city to get water

Jiaohe ruins

img_09205.jpg (800 x 533)
kids playing with this gyroscopes
img_09236.jpg (800 x 533)
yep - its also possible to spit on gyroscopes

TODO: another thing i dont know what it was
img_09244.jpg (400 x 600)
me and my chinese zodiac sign
img_09252.jpg (400 x 600)
guess what's the pig :P

TODO: what it this?
img_09284.jpg (800 x 533)
amazing toilets - i was so happy that it was freezing cold
img_09296.jpg (800 x 533)
instead of going to the small village (an unfriendly guard yelled at us), we were invited to that peoples living room