HANGZHOU 3rd day

the peeing cabdriver

China Academy of Art

on the way to the medicine museum
img_6820.jpg (800 x 533)
on the way i crossed a very nice market
img_6823.jpg (400 x 600)
even in hangzhou there's a mc donalds
img_6830.jpg (800 x 533)
UGLY! that's part of chinese traditional medicine?

China medicine museum
img_6844.jpg (800 x 533)
after searching a long time for the entrance that sign showed me the way!!!
img_6865.jpg (800 x 533)
aren't they quite sweet together?

next target: some temple i saw from a far distance - name unknown
img_6887.jpg (800 x 533)
the best thing in china is really that you always find such nice peaces of nature to walk

back at a temple next to westlake