HANGZHOU 2nd day

on campus

first view to the west lake
img_6506.jpg (400 x 600)
one of the red carp ponds - amazing how many red carps there are

Jingci Temple
img_6571.jpg (400 x 600)
that strange guy first want that i make a photo of him and then...
img_6572.jpg (800 x 533)
... he wants to make a photo of me. after that he shaked my hands, kissed me on my cheek and embraced me :D

i dont know what the hell that is - maybe someone can tell me?

The Leifeng Pagoda
img_6584.jpg (400 x 600)
trust your eyes!!! it's really an elevator!!!
img_6603.jpg (800 x 533)
that small stuff is cutted in wood!
img_6609.jpg (400 x 600)
there's a tooth of budda inside this object

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