stream hiking (shing mun country park)

img_3297.jpg (800 x 533)
some sect or anything strange (they were singing a tone)
img_3309.jpg (800 x 533)
who know's what this is? maybe poisonous?
img_3334.jpg (800 x 533)
applied fluid mechanics in the nature smile
img_3374.jpg (800 x 533)
2 ants fighting for some food
img_3440.jpg (800 x 533)
pretty cool looking vortex
img_3604.jpg (400 x 600)
i just hate the guy who's wearing this backpack. did you alredy know that i'm a linux user?
img_3624.jpg (800 x 533)
after throwing our rubbish into the trash, a monkey suddenly appeared and took out some pieces of rubbish
img_3710.jpg (800 x 533)
no! that's no monkey! just a dog... and it's forbidden in hong kong to eat a dog sad
img_3722.jpg (800 x 533)
some people in hong kong belive, that burning such a house made of paper transmits a house to their death relatives. i dont know how that should work...
img_3734.jpg (800 x 533)
that symbols out of paper stand for gold bars (if i understood correctly)